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Global crises put massive pressure onto executives, management boards, and business leaders. They are now expected not only to steer smoothly through crises, but also to avoid long-term consequences and to helm their organizations successfully through the accelerating pace of digital transformation around the corner.

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As well as professional expertise, strong decision-making skills and integrated communication are key traits that set transformative top managers apart from others of their species. Ultimately, they must be capable of working with their employees to ensure their organization delivers optimum performance at all times and can sail through all forms of change.

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In our daily routine as executive search & board consultants, these enhanced requirements call for us to apply a more sensory approach in evaluating our candidates. Our partnerships are founded on trust and transparent communication, with equal weight given to the interests of our clients and our candidates.

Executive Search

Our philosophy of Connecting Competence is about bringing together what belongs together. An essential aspect of Executive Search in order to find the best possible candidate for key strategic positions. Based on our excellent network of market contacts, built up over many years, and our industry expertise, we can be sure of identifying executives and top specialists with the skills and abilities that match our clients’ individual needs.

In our Executive Searches, we contact potential candidates directly on behalf of a client, following standardized and structured search processes. We aim to complete an assignment within 90 days. Regular status reports provide a transparent and quantifiable record of our progress. On request, we use Jobfidence® potential analysis for additional support in decision-making.

In addition, we also provide support for our clients and candidates beyond the recruitment process itself – well aware that any new recruitment is a small-scale transformation process for both sides and is by no means over with Day 1 in the new job. More and more of our candidates and clients are taking up our consultancy services to help them achieve their ideal organizational structures and management approaches.

Board Search

In our trust-based client relationships, our Managing Partners are in continual close contact with boards of managers and directors, and can draw on their outstanding network of active and former top managers, entrepreneurs, and experts.

Given this, Board Search is an established area of our services. We work with our potential Advisory Board position-holders on developing their personal brand and enabling them to respond appropriately to questions such as “What are the areas where I deliver added value?”, “What are the disciplines where my performance is exceptional?” and “Do I understand the ecosystem of my future Advisory Board duties?” We only establish contact when we are fully satisfied that we can stand by the professional background and core areas of expertise of our potential candidates.

Digital Leadership Assessment

Before competencies can be brought together, they have to be identified. This is where our Digital Leadership Assessment comes in. The assessment tool is based on a competency model developed exclusively for Hartmann Consultants. It combines the Jobfidence® potential analysis method with an in-depth interview based on psychological techniques to deliver a tailored evaluation.

The results of the assessment enable our clients to source the right executives and top experts they need to master the challenges of digital transformation within their company. Jobfidence® is regarded as one of the most informative measurement methods available on the global market. We have used it successfully for many years. To find out more, read our interview with Managing Partner Simone Hartmann.


Forward planning and transparency are essential in our work. Unlike other HR consultants, we work with fixed prices. Our fees are based on the annual target salary we agree in advance with the client. This specification is binding, and our fees do not change if the candidate ends up agreeing a higher or lower salary. In our experience, this offers our clients the best guarantee of being introduced to the best candidates––who need not be the most expensive.

Our fees are payable in three consecutive monthly installments. We conduct our search for as long as is needed to find a solution that is the best for our client. All search-specific costs, including candidates’ and consultants’ travel costs within Europe, are charged as one-time payments.

As long-term partnerships are a high priority, if a candidate leaves the new position within six months we search for––and find––a suitable replacement free of charge.

For reasons of efficiency and reputation, we require clients to confirm that we are their exclusive search partners and to refrain from undertaking parallel search activities. We pledge to donate a percentage of our annual profits to charity every year.