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April 15th & 16th, 2021

A Boutique Conference, live-broadcasted

Live Broadcast

Executive & Board Consultancy in times of crisis

During the coronavirus crisis, the performance standards that top executives and board members are expected to meet have soared immensely in order to master and endure this pandemic situation. Our daily activities as Executive Search & Board Consultants require, more than ever, a sensory intuitive approach capable of identifying or stock-piling opportunity-discerning, assertive crisis leaders and filtering out the sleek, streamlined top managers merely checking off the list of high-flyer criteria.

As always, our activities are firmly rooted in our partnership and collaboration-based relationships with our clients, with trust and close coordination at their heart. Provided our clients outline the status of their company with full transparency from the start of our partnership, we can choose the right questions and tools to assess whether a CEO, supervisory board member, or first-liner will be suited to master a crisis.

Now more than ever, the success of a company will stand or fall on its realistic evaluation of the challenges it faces––and, foremost of all, of the dimensions of those challenges. Possessing a gift for timing and tonality in crisis communication is, for example, a critical, distinguishing feature of top crisis managers, who, with their teams, are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their company continues to function as an organization and emerges from any crisis stronger than before.

We have made around-the-clock communication our watchword. Being a consistent, reliable, and supportive partner, during this time, is a crucial basis from which we can re-open the economy and work together to maximize the opportunities presented to overcome the crisis.

hartmann consultants stands for future-oriented Executive & Board Consultancy competence. We are reliable and solidarity partners for our clients. Let’s identify the chances coming out of the pandemic to boost profitability together!