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Future of work – the key challenges

What leaders should know today

Our working environment is changing faster than ever – especially for managers. They find themselves torn between guidance and letting go. Between new and old work. Between being an expert and a coach. There are no blueprints in this disruptive age. Just trial and error, and open-minded approach and learnings from the forerunners. Simone Hartmann joined the conference “Work Awesome” on the future of work and returned home with some of these learnings. More in our blog:



We bring passion, flexibility and service focus to our consultancy work. For us, integrity is about avoiding empty courtesies, however flattering they may be for clients and candidates. In our experience, clear-cut and honest communication is the most effective foundation for long-term partnership-focused relations. When clients return to us year after year and candidates who we have helped along their career paths become our clients, we know we have achieved what we were aiming for––and our network of expertise has grown a little wider.