Podcast All Over The Place – Hype? Or the new leading Media Format?

Tom Junkersdorf
CEO OFF-SCRIPT, Editor-At-Large ICON & Host TOMorrow Business & Style Podcast by OMR
interviewed by Dr. Marc Schumacher

“Why? Arnold Schwarzenegger told me: You have to make your own podcast.”

“Today we have more freedoms than ever before. Anyone can create a video and connect with others. I don’t need print shops, transmission masts, or live broadcast units. All I need is my phone.”

“The world of classic media is dead. Nobody reads newspapers any more, either tabloid or broadsheet. Linear TV won’t survive. All of us are becoming broadcasters––even if we only have two followers.”

“Good content will always find a way. There might be 80 million podcasts, but if mine is the best, I’ll get the followers.”