The success of a company stands or falls by the quality of its decision-makers. We help put the right people in the right positions, enabling them to fulfil their potential in such a way that is profitable both for them personally and for the client.

We want our clients and candidates to go places. Through our exceptional commitment and consistently high level of efficiency, we are able to achieve our aim of having long-term, prosperous relationships with our clients and candidates.

We do not necessarily want to be the biggest, but we strive to be the best internationally. We work hard at this, with passion, enthusiasm and pleasure.



1. Access: as a service provider, we are an integral part of the fashion and lifestyle business. We are personally represented and internationally networked. We know the players and their markets, and have the best access to candidates and key decision-makers.

2. Industry Insights: we are industry experts. We are familiar with the demands placed on companies and decision-makers by market trends. We help to shape the future.

3. Entrepreurship: we are an owner-operated agency with strong entrepreneurial motivation. We work with passion, efficiency, flexibility and service orientation.

4. Competence: we approach projects with creativity, intuition and passion. The methods we use are state-of-the-art. Our efficient project management processes enable us to find the best possible recruit within a predictable timeframe.

5. Internationality: we work at an international level. Our fashion-oriented and multicultural team is complemented by partners in Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, New York, Istanbul and Hong Kong.

6. Open-mindedness: we are receptive to new ideas. We develop as a company in step with our clients, our staff, our competitors and society.

7. Sustainability: we identify with our clients’ issues and want our clients to succeed. We build on long-term, reliable collaboration on a mutual trust basis. We remain true to our principles.



Our searches follow a standardised, 8-level process. We aim to complete projects within 90 days. We submit regular status reports to ensure our work is transparent and measurable.


In a structured process together with the client, we draw up a requirement profile which will be used to find suitable candidates.

The briefing covers the requirements of the role in context, considering the company’s background as well as any future requirements which may arise from developments in the sector. We take all of this into account and put into play our many years of sector know-how in order to build a detailed and accurate candidate profile.


In our search we adopt an open and creative approach. We work on a national/international and supra-sectoral basis as appropriate for the assignment in hand, surveying each stage of the value-added chain and intentionally incorporating career changers from other sectors.

Approach and interview

We make direct contact with all suitable candidates. In an initial interview, we discuss the candidate’s personal background and interests and establish their suitability for the role. We consider not only their current position but also determine their development potential.


Our clients receive a confidential report, which outlines clearly and concisely the candidate’s career to date, their personal background and reasons for changing job. We draw up an informative profile of strengths and weaknesses and provide a sound recommendation of the candidate’s suitability.


We organise and supervise the presentation stages, as this enabled us to learn and make better qualified judgements.


Jobfidence® is a scientifically sound tool for matching candidate profiles to particular requirement profiles and has been tried and tested for more than 40 years.

It measures intelligence, problem-solving skills, flexibility, motivation, ability to handle stress, and determination. The candidate is given a detailed consultation with a comparison of his/her strengths and weaknesses against the requirements of the role in question. The client is given concrete management tips for the optimum integration and development of the candidate.

Reference check

After the first presentation stage we obtain open or confidential references on the candidate as appropriate, which we forward on to our clients in a structured form.

Integration support

Because we have both our clients’ and our candidates’ best interest at heart, for us each search only ends when we are 100% confident that a candidate has been successfully integrated in a company.

Executive search

Strategically important positions must be filled with the best possible candidates. We make this happen by performing systematic searches and making professional selections of the ideal executives and top specialists for those positions.

In our executive search process, we directly approach potential candidates on behalf of our clients. We apply a standardised, structured search process and aim to complete projects within 90 days. We submit regular status reports to ensure our work is transparent and measurable.

This structured approach is combined with our streamlined project management process to deliver the best possible recruitment outcome within a predictable timeframe. On request, we conduct the Jobfidence® Potential Analysis Procedure to provide further decision-making assistance. We also provide continued support to clients and candidates once the recruitment process is complete.

Professional search

Every company has specialists whose expertise constitutes an important success factor. These are operative positions that must be filled with qualified candidates.

Professional search comprises the search, approach and selection of these specialists within a limited scope and at a fixed price. It is the quick solution to filling non-strategic positions offering salaries under EUR 100,000.

We offer this service exclusively to existing executive search clients.

Board search

Publicly listed stock companies are obliged to appoint supervisory boards as for control and monitoring purposes. However, supervisory boards also fulfil important functions in privately operated family-owned businesses, by providing specialist support to management executives and owners. In addition, financial investors are generally reliant on the in-depth knowledge of experienced insiders.

As industry specialists, we have built up an extensive network of active and former top managers, entrepreneurs and experts. We pinpoint and establish contact with the most suitable candidates for supervisory board positions and we are proficient in evaluating their specialist background.

Terms and conditions

Unlike other executive search firms, we work with fixed prices. Our fee is determined in advance by the annual target remuneration agreed beforehand with the client. Should the actual annual target remuneration of the candidate placed be higher, the fee remains the same. This fixed price provision provides our clients with a means of secure planning as well as a guarantee of being presented with the most suitable – and not necessarily the most expensive – candidates.

Our fee is due in three consecutive monthly instalments parallel to the 90-day search process. The search continues at the agreed price until we come to an optimal solution for both parties. All search-specific costs, including all candidates’ and consultants’ travel expenses within Europe, are charged at a flat rate.

For reasons of efficiency and earnestness, we require a commitment whereby we are exclusively entrusted with the search and the client forgoes any parallel activities.

If the candidate we place leaves the company within the first six months we look for a suitable replacement free of charge.

We commit ourselves to donate a fixed percentage of our annual profits to charitable causes.


Nick Hartmann
Managing Partner
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Managing Partner
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