Our philosophy of Connecting Competence is about bringing together what belongs together. An essential aspect of Executive Search in order to find the best possible candidate for key strategic positions. Based on our excellent network of market contacts, built up over many years, and our industry expertise, we can be sure of identifying executives and top specialists with the skills and abilities that match our clients’ individual needs.

In our Executive Searches, we contact potential candidates directly on behalf of a client, following standardized and structured search processes. We aim to complete an assignment within 90 days. Regular status reports provide a transparent and quantifiable record of our progress. On request, we use Jobfidence® potential analysis for additional support in decision-making.

In addition, we also provide support for our clients and candidates beyond the recruitment process itself – well aware that any new recruitment is a small-scale transformation process for both sides and is by no means over with Day 1 in the new job. More and more of our candidates and clients are taking up our consultancy services to help them achieve their ideal organizational structures and management approaches.