Schöne Bescherung

Matt Marcotte
Global Head of Retail and Consumer Industry Advisors Salesforce

„Loyal customers reward brands – this has always been a powerful statistic. In a world of inflation, in a world of acquisition cost, in a world of proliferation of multiple brands, how to actually create loyal customers really becomes the holy grail.“

„It is not enough to believe customers will stay with us. It is more about how to actively win them back and keep the costumers you have.“

„Customers are expecting to have a human relationship in a digital world. So how do we actually create emotional connections?“

„We know customers have been switching brands throughout the pandemic for reasons of availability and convenience. Today, they are switching brands mainly based on price and value. So what we are seeing is that customer loyalty is really up for grabs!“

„Generation Z has very different shopping behaviors. On a customer journey, the purchase part is the one part they spend the least amount of time. They expect it to be frictionless and easy.“